Dust mites are all over our homes, however, they’re found within the highest concentrations on surfaces that entice Dust, like mattresses, curtains, and floor covering that cannot be washed frequently. Sadly, we spend most of our time in bedrooms and living areas. Here I am sharing with you some best tips to get rid of Dust Mites in a Mattress that would be very useful in cleaning.

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are microscopic, arachnids that take advantage of the dead human skin cells we have a tendency to be perpetually shedding. In contrast to lice or bed bugs, they’re not parasites that bite, sting or burrow into our skin. However, individuals will have reactions by eupnoea the proteins in Dust that return from Dust mite faecal matter, urine, or decaying bodies.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in a Mattress

Dust mites thrive in heat, wet environments like our beds. However, frequent clean-up, as well as laundry bed sheets hebdomadally, creating some good bedding selections, and thorough clean-up will facilitate to get rid of Dust mites in a Mattress.

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How usually to get rid of Dust Mites in a Mattress:

If your mattress isn’t cased in an exceedingly Dust mite-proof case and you suffer from hypersensitive reactions, you must vacuum your mattress a minimum of monthly to scale back the number of Dust mites. If the mattress includes a dust-proof cowl that’s clean oftentimes, then a twice-yearly clean-up ought to be all that’s required.

What you’ll need:

  • Equipment / Tools
  • Vacuum with a hose and an upholstery brush attachment
  • Steam cleaner
  • Dust-proof mattress preserver
  • Dust-proof pillow protectors
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Materials
  • Baking soda

Instructions to clean the Mattress:

The Instruction is simple to follow. Here are some steps that one has to consider to get rid of dust mites in a Mattress.

Remove All of the Bedding

Remove the bedcovers, sheets, pillowcases, mattress preservers, and dust-proof cowl from the mattress. If you’ve got cased the bed pillows and box springs with a canopy (and you should), take away them further.

Wash the Bedding:

Wash the bedding and mud covers along with your regular detergent in heated water. to make sure that each one of the Dust mites is killed, dry in AN automatic drier at a hot temperature for a minimum of ten minutes.

Vacuum the mattress

Use a vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, hose, and an upholstery brush attachment to vacuum each surface of the mattress. Remember the edges and also the box springs and vacuum or Dust the bedstead further. Perform all this properly to get rid of dust mites in a mattress.


To freshen the mattress while you vacuum, sprinkle on some dry bicarbonate. Work the bicarbonate into the surface of the mattress with a soft-bristled brush or a moist fabric. Let it sit for a minimum of one hour then vacuum away the Dust and mud mites, and facilitate the management of odours.

Replace the protecting Covers and Bedding:

When the bed is absolutely dry, replace the protecting Dust mite mattress cases and bedding. Protection wrapped around the clean mattress to forestall Dust mites.

Well, these are some steps to get rid of dust mites in a mattress. If you find it difficult, Contact Busy Bucket for professional Mattress Cleaning and get it done by experts at an affordable cost.

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Tips to stay mattress Dust Mites under Control:

Cover your mattress, box springs, and pillows with insect and dust-proof covers. The covers may be made of non-porous materials like vinyl or plastic or a lot of breathable material like microfiber polyester or nylon, or maybe cotton that’s tightly plain-woven.

  • Wash bedding a minimum of weekly. If you do not wish to clean your comforter or bedclothes regularly, you’ll place it in AN automatic drier on air-only to assist take away Dust and mud mites.
  • Remove excess things from the bed. Stuffed animals and ornamental pillows harbour Dust mites.
  • Reduce the wetness level within the sleeping room to around 50% by employing a dehumidifier, air-con, and running toilet exhaust fans.
  • Lower the temperature to a minimum of sixty-eight degrees within the sleeping room. This would possibly not stop Dust mites however it’ll slow their breeding cycle.
  • Allow the bedding to air and dry for many minutes before you create the bed every morning.
  • Remove wall-to-wall floor covering and significant drapes from the sleeping room to scale back the amount of Dust within the room.
  • Use hypoallergenic pillows and mattresses. Latex foam mattresses are less hospitable to Dust mites than those with cotton cushioning. Use foam pillows rather than down or feathers.
  • Upgrade your HVAC filters to HEPA filters and replace or clean them frequently.
  • Ban pets from the sleeping room. Dust mites thrive in animal dander.

Well, these are the steps to get rid of dust mites in a mattress. You can also contact the Busy Bucket to get this work done at best. We are professionals who provide the best cleaning work all over India at an affordable cost.

FAQs For How to Get Rid of Dust Mites in a Mattress

How much time will it take for Dry Mattress Cleaning?

Well, it doesn’t take a lot of time to skilled Mattress Cleaning. On average, it is finished between a pair of to three hours.

What is the Cost of professional Mattress Cleaning in India?

The cost accounting depends on a variety of things like company, kind of mattress’ cloth, level of cleaning it desires etc. On average, the price is somewhere between 499/- to 5500 or maybe a lot of or less.

Which is the Best Company for Mattress cleaning in India?

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