Water is something that has a direct relation to health Using unsafe water or water which has germs and bacteria may cause different types of health problems. Not having safe and secure water is also the reason for deaths worldwide. Here we will get to know about Water Tank Cleaning and Its Maintenance. It is very important to use safe water.

Choose the Best Company for Tank Cleaning and ask for a guide to maintaining that level of cleaning for a longer period of time. Here we will the complete guidance about water tank cleaning and maintenance.

How to Ensure Safe Drinking Water with Regular Water Tank Cleaning Maintenance:

Cleaning, disinfecting, and flushing water tanks can be easily done if you have better information about this. Here are some details about when you should opt for Water Tank Cleaning and maintenance:

  • Every year (depending on water quality and system).
  • It should be examined after every three months to maintain a decent hygiene level.
  • It should be cleaned immediately if sediments and biological growth are discovered inside the tank.
  • If has any leakage issue or dirt or dust going inside the tank.
  • If you find coliform microorganism is detected or developing inside the tank.
  • If you find any noticeable changes in the taste of water or odour, colour issues etc.

These are the following main condition when you should actually look for cleaning or maintenance. It would be better to contact the professionals for Water Tank Cleaning and maintenance and get it done at a higher standard.

Water Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Process at Home:

It is not possible for any normal household to perform professional-level cleaning. A professional cleaning needs proper equipment and cleaning solutions etc. Here is the simple Water Tank Cleaning and maintenance process that you can perform yourself to get a decent cleaning result.

Step 1: Cleaning

Use a long-handled brush and/or strength washer to bodily do away with any constructed-up debris, corrosion, bio-film and/or sediments in the tank. Use a transportable pump or drain to flush out soiled water from the tank.

Step 2: Disinfecting

Use the disinfection equation to decide the quantity of chlorine bleach to add to the tank that will end result in a tank full of water with a free chlorine residual of 10 ppm.

Add the calculated quantity of bleach to the empty tank and fill the tank to overflow with water. Leave the tank stuffed for 24 hours.

Step 3: Flushing

After the chlorine solution has sat in the tank for 24 hours, flush out/empty the storage tank. Do not drain the water close to plants etc any other living organism, as it may affect them badly.

Once done with this, Refill the tank and flush all faucets till chlorine can no longer be smelled. If a portable pump is used, make sure that the intake hose is clean and wiped down with bleach to prevent contamination. Continue flushing till the wastewater is clear and no chlorine scent is detected.

Important Tips:

Do not use any chemicals for cleaning like detergents or soap or shampoo etc. It has bad effects on health. Always use chlorine or use eco-friendly cleaning materials that can offer you the best cleaning result.

You can also hire the equipment to get a better result from cleaning. Or just contact the Bust Bucket Professional Deep Cleaning Services and get your Tank cleaned by certified cleaners.

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