It is hardly possible to perform deep cleaning at home without using proper equipment and cleaning solutions. Then too, it is possible to get a better cleaning of home by using some home equipment. Start with your bedroom and end with the drawing-room. Try to use an eco-friendly cleaning solution which is not harmful to human health. Your cleaning solution would be the one that would make your work easier.

Here are some important tips that one must keep in mind to perform better to protect your skin while cleaning your home.

6 ways to protect your skin while cleaning your home:

Make sure to use proper equipment and materials to make your work easier and faster. Here is something that you must keep in mind during cleaning:

Wear Gloves: When handling cleaning solutions, make sure to use proper gloves to avoid direct contact with your hands. It can be not very pleasant to your nails and skin.

Dress-up for Cleaning: During Cleaning, Cover yourself properly, Make sure to wear proper pants and full sleeve shirts, use glasses etc. So that the grimes and spills won’t get to your hands and leg.

deep cleaning at home

Use Warm Water: Using warm water can be gentle to your skin and it is also better with cleaning agents. It will make your work much easier as compared to the normal water or cold water etc.

Quench Your Thirst: It is extremely important to drink plenty of water during cleaning. As you are more exposed to the chemicals, not drinking enough water can be worst for your skin.

Clean yourself after Your Home: Once you are done with your home. Clean your hand and skin with proper face wash or soap. If possible try to get a bath with Dettol or with any other anti-bacterial soap.

Go with Greener Alternatives: It is always better to use an eco-friendly cleaning solution which is not harmful to human health. Natural cleaners like Baking soda or any other etc. There is plenty of cleaning solution available in the market which is eco-friendly.

These are some points to remember if you are performing Deep Cleaning at Home. If you find it all difficult, just contact the Busy Bucket and get it done in an easy manner by the experts at an affordable cost.

How to Perform Deep Cleaning at home:

It becomes easier to perform the cleaning task if you’ve got the correct decision to clean the areas and things in a disciplined manner. Here are some tips that we have a tendency to as professionals share with you guys.

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De-clutter Before Deep Cleaning:

Find a replacement place for (or higher nevertheless, get rid of) any visible litter that does not belong in the world. Save the items behind closed doors for an extra day to help modify your Deep Home Cleaning list. Clearing litter makes deep cleaning at home easier and seeing those tidy surfaces boost your motivation to remain going.

Start High, Go Low:

Tackle large, hard-to-reach surfaces throughout this order: ceiling, ceiling trim, ceiling lights (including bulbs), walls, the rest of the trim, and baseboards. The foremost effective tool for these surfaces might be a clean microfiber mop or a duster with a telescoping handle.

Deep Clean Windows:

Cleaning windows is fairly easy, and thus the payoff is huge. First, vacuum the sills and tracks. Then spritz the window with glass cleaner from prime to bottom. Let the cleaner do its issue for a flash, then squeegee it off. If you wipe in one direction among windows and another on outside ones, it will be easier to ascertain and fix streaks.

Take away dirt from Surfaces:

Wipe all remaining taxing surfaces (wood article of furniture, shelves, built-ins, etc.) exploitation article of furniture cleaner and a polish and soft cloth. For extra-quick cleaning, place a clean cotton tube sock on your dominant hand to dirt surfaces, moving objects out of the approach with the alternative hand. Finally, take a lint roller to the lampshades.

Deep Clean the Floors

To do this right, you will need to maneuver the article of furniture, even larger things like beds and sofas. To make moving serious things easier, place articles of furniture slides below the legs of huge things. Then break out your vacuum’s crevice tool to induce the dirt in corners and on baseboards. To make it all easy, just contact the busy bucket and get your home deep cleaned by professionals at an affordable cost.


FAQs For Deep Cleaning at Home

What equipment’s are used for professional home cleaning?

Here is the list of some equipment that is very commonly used like Single Disk Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Scotch Bite Scrubber, Hard Cloth Duster, Micro-Fibre Duster etc.

Can we use detergents for home cleaning?

The detergents are commonly used for cleaning by almost every household in India. But, using detergents may remove shine. But, it can be used once in a while.

How to remove dust and dirt from the Sofa?

To clean any sofa better, use a power sucker that can easily extract the dust particle from the sofa. Or you can just contact the professionals to get it done in an easy manner.