There are many different types of Sofa Cleaning Methods. But, the cleaning methods are chosen as per the need and demand of the cleaning. It is not possible to apply any method of cleaning on any sofa. If you are opting for professionals to gets your couch or sofa cleaning. Professionals will examine your sofa properly and will opt for cleaning methods accordingly.

To get Professional Sofa Cleaning Services in India, Contact Busy Bucket. We have a team of certified cleaners who offers world-class cleaning at an affordable cost with guaranteed best result. There are tons of Healthy Benefits of Sofa Cleaning. Well, let’s see the types of Sofa Cleaning.

Different Types of Sofa Cleaning Methods:

Generally, there are five types of sofa cleaning methods that are used by professionals. It is hard for any inexperienced individual to perform these types of cleaning at home.

Types of Sofa Cleaning Methods

Dry Cleaning:

This is one of the easiest and performed by most professionals to get the instant result of cleaning. Under Dry Cleaning, We just have to put some amount of chemical powder around the fabric and to the stains and then vacuum it properly.

As there is no involvement of Water, so it gets dry instantly and becomes ready to use. Choose the best method to clean Fabric sofas without Water.

Foam Cleaning:

Foam Cleaning is very similar to Dry Cleaning. I think it should not be on the list of Different types of Sofa Cleaning Methods, but it is. This system of Sofa cleaning is applied by hand. First, apply foam everywhere on your sofa and leave it for a while. Then vacuum it properly.

  • It removes oils, grease, grime etc.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It can be performed very easily and lesser time.

Chemical Cleaning:

Many Different types of chemicals are available in the market that can be used for cleaning. Some chemicals are there that are specially for the cleaning of the sofa. Some professionals use those products to clean your sofa in a shorter duration of time.

The chemical cleaning gives you a quick result and also reduces the overall drying time. Your Sofa becomes ready to use immediately after the cleaning.

  • Use of Less Water
  • There are no hazardous chemicals
  • No sticky residues.
  • Get Rid of Carpet Stains That Resurface

Steam Heat Extraction:

This type of deep cleaning uses high-temperature steam. Steam heat extraction removes dust and all other patches that might beget health issues on the Sofa. It also removes redundant moisture together with dirt and stains. Redundant moisture in the Sofa can attract certain types of insects so it’s important that you keep it clean and dry.

This also reduces fabric loss and you can have your Sofa well gutted after just a couple of hours. Experts say that steam heat extraction is also the most provident compared to other Different types of Sofa cleaning methods.

  • It is also an Eco-friendly Method of Cleaning.
  • It removes accumulated smut and residue
  • Most of the moisture from the cleaning is excluded for faster drying.

Carbonation Cleaning Method:

This system of Sofa Cleaning simulates a natural way to keep your Sofa clean. The entire process can take 4 to 6 hours but end up making your Sofa look brand new. You only need to have a Carbonating Cleaning solution with an effervescent effect.

The small bubbles from carbonation can access the fibres and remove dirt and stains. The bubbles also tend to bring dirt and stain to the face where they can fluently be wiped down.

After the cleaning is done, it also leaves a small layer of protective layer that prevents your sofa from dirt and germs for a longer period of time.

  • Uses of very less water
  • Helps you to get rid of strains easily
  • No use of any harsh chemicals.

Green Cleaning Method:

The Green Cleaning method may not come in the list of the Different Types of Sofa Cleaning methods. But it is the safest way of cleaning. Eco-friendly or cleaning solution is safe to use on polyester, rayon, velvet/crushed, nylon, microfiber, and blended cotton are used in the cleaning process.

The Solution is very mild that help in breaking down the soil, stains, dirt, and oil to remove them easily. It is the best because makes you use any type of chemical and offer you the best cleaning.

So, these are all Different Types of Sofa Cleaning Methods. Make sure to choose Eco-friendly materials for your things which are not harmful to human health in any manner.

Busy Bucket Professional Sofa Cleaning:

Busy Bucket Professionals uses Green Cleaning Methods to offer their most services. With a team of certified cleaners, we offer world-class cleaning at an affordable cost.

We make sure to use eco-friendly cleaning solution which is not harmful to human in any manner. We are the only company in India to offer the Do it Again Policy along with our cleaning services.

Do It Again Policy: Under the Do it Again Policy, if you are not satisfied with our cleaning in any manner. You have the option to opt for Do it again and will happily do it again for you for free.

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FAQs For Types of Sofa Cleaning Methods

Which is the Best way to clean Sofa at Home?

Dry Cleaning or Foam Cleaning is best to get the instant result. Or opt for Green Cleaning which is best in every manner.

Can I use detergents for Sofa Cleaning?

No, detergents consist of hard chemicals that may discolour your sofa. Choose any light cleaning solution.

When Should I hire professionals for Sofa Cleaning?

It is always better to hire professionals at least once a year to get the best cleaning and maintain a decent hygiene level.