Wooden Furniture offers the best look to your overall living room. But, it is tough to clean wooden furniture if you are not aware of the right procedure. Here I will share with you some best ways to Clean Wooden Furniture at best. You just have to follow the mentioned procedure belong to get your furniture to shine like never before.

The process that has been shared below is completely based on home cleaning. You do not need to have any specific cleaning equipment to get this work done. But, you may need to have some sort of cleaning solution to get the best possible result.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture:

There are many different types of wooden furniture available in the market. First of all, you have to check the quality and type of wooden furniture you are using. The plan or process of cleaning each type of furniture is different. There are basically four major types available in the market:

  1. Painted Wood Furniture
  2. Oiled Wood Furniture
  3. Polished Wood Furniture
  4. Speciality Wood Furniture etc.

The Ways to Clean Wooden Furniture are different as per their materials. Using any abnormal ways of cleaning may cost you too much and you end up losing the original feel. Check the Professional Sofa Cleaning Tips at home by the team of Busy Bucket.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture

Painted Wooden Furniture:

Identifying whether your wood fixture is painted, can be recognized with the aid of its shade alone. Then follow the steps to clean Wooden Furniture which is painted:

Step 1: Vacuum

Run a vacuum cleaner over your painted Wooden furnishings with the use of a brush attachment. If a vacuum cleaner is unavailable, you can additionally use a microfiber cloth. Microfiber material is best to absorb dirt and specks of dust than any other cloth which makes the job easier.

Step 2: Prepare Cleaning Solution

Mix two drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water. Dip a cotton ball in the cleansing Solutions solution and take a look at if your Wooden furnishings are well suited to the soapy water with the aid of rubbing it on a small area. If yes, wipe the complete floor of your painted Wooden fixtures with a microfibre material soaked in a cleansing solution.

Step 3: Rinse

Rinse off the soapy layer with a damp cloth. Use a lint-free material to take in the extra moisture. Let the furnishings air dry. You must know the Ways to protect your sofa. If you want to maintain that cleaning for a longer period of time.

Oiled Wooden Furniture:

The oil acts as a layer of safety on wood fixtures and additionally offers them a natural look. To Clean Wooden Furniture which is oiled. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

Step 1: Treat the Stains

Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of water to shape a skinny paste. Baking soda is a moderate alkali which helps raise dirt and stains without problems when dissolved in water.

Spread this paste over the stained vicinity of your furniture. Leave it for 5 minutes. Now, wipe off the paste with a cleansing rag. The stains will disappear.

Step 2: Treat with Soapy Water

Prepare soapy water the usage of dishwashing liquid and wipe the wooden fixtures with soapy water. Rinse with a damp cleansing cloth.

Step 3: Pat Dry

Wipe off the extra moisture with a dry towel. Allow the floor to air-dry thoroughly. You can check the DIY Sofa Cleaning Process to get it done in the right manner.

Polished Wooden Furniture:

Polish is a substance put over the floor of your fixtures to make it shine. Using any hard chemical to clean your polished wooden make it loses its original color. Here are the ways to clean Wooden Furniture which are polished:

Step 1: Soak Cleaning Rag in Tea:

Immerse 4-5 tea baggage in a cup of warm water. Wait for 10 minutes. Now, soak a cleansing fabric in this Solution and wring the material to take away extra moisture. Wipe the polished wood furnishings with this material to restore their shine.

Please note that you need to use black tea as it incorporates tannins which help your polished wood furnishings continue their darkish finishing.

Step 2: Apply Polish

You can any commercial polish to apply on it to maintain its lustrous appearance.

Step 3: Allow It to Settle

Once you have utilized polish, enable it to settle for 1-2 hours and then you can opt to use the furniture.

Specialty Wooden Furniture:

Specialty Wooden consists of rattan, wicker, cane, bamboo and rush. Here are the ways to clean Specialty Wooden Furniture:

Step 1: Dust

You can use a microfiber fabric or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and dust from your wood furniture.

Step 2: Treat with Olive Oil

Mix 1 cup of olive oil and white vinegar. Olive oil nourishes surfaces and loosens stains, whilst vinegar helps spoil stains. When blended together, these two elements will assist pace up the cleansing process.

Soak a piece of fabric in this solution and wipe your wooden furnishings with it. Buff the fixtures with a lint-free fabric to provide your furnishings with a sleek look.

Step 3: Allow It to Settle

Once you have handled the fixtures with olive oil, Leave it for at least 1-2 hours and then you can opt to use furniture.

These are the ways to clean wooden furniture. Here are also some important tips to keep in mind.

Important Note:

  • It is very important to know the type of your furniture before you opt for cleaning.
  • Never use any hard chemicals for cleaning.
  • You can use some dedicated cleaning solutions for wooden furniture.
  • First apply on the small area to see the result, when you are comfortable only apply the solution to the rest of the area.

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FAQs For How to Clean Wooden Furniture

Can Vinegar be used for Wooden Furniture cleaning?

Yes, Vinegar mixed with water can be used for better cleaning.

Can I use baking soda for polished wood cleaning?

Yes, it can be used but you must apply it to all small areas first to see the reaction.

What product can be used to restore wood furniture?

There are many but you can use the Multi-Surface Furniture Polish Spray to get the best result after cleaning.